Transition Services

Transition Services serve as an action plan.

The purpose of Transition Services is to reasonably enable the student to meet his or her measurable postsecondary goals. These are defined as coordinated set of activities for a student, designed within an outcome-oriented process that promotes movement from school to postschool activities.

The areas that need to be addressed are:

  • instruction
  • related service
  • community experience
  • employment
  • post-school adult living
  • daily living skills (if appropriate)
  • functional vocational evaluation (if appropriate)

Think of this section as an action plan or to-do List. It should have the activity, a person who is responsible to carry out the activity, and a timeline.

Tip: Be sure to include the student and parent on the action plan.

Sample activities related to transition services for a student who's measurable postsecondary goals are:

  • Billy will enroll in a community college in the graphic arts program.
  • Billy will work as a graphic artist at a local photography studio.
Transition Area Transition Activity/Strategy Person(s) Responsible Start Date End Date
Complete a learning styles inventory to identify strengths teacher, student September 2010 June 2011
Community Experience Contact the Disability Services office of the school he will attend teacher, parent, guidance counselor September 2010 June 2011
Employment Prepare resume, practice mock interviews, research career field, work with school's job developer and parents to seek part-time job in studio or publishing company School, job developer, parents and student January 2011 June 2011
Adult Living Join web-design/year book committee (classroom activities, campus events during and after school) Student, Parents September 2011 June 2012
Daily Living Skills (if appropriate) Purchase food and prepare meals teacher, student, parents September 2011 June 2012
Functional/ Vocational Evaluation (if appropriate) Maintain daily planner for time management, prioritizing tasks, and organization Student, parent, and resource teacher September 2010 June 2012
Related Services Identify potential postschool providers of recreation therapy and funding sources Guidance counselor, student    

Note: Assigning tasks to outside agency representatives who are not present at the IEP meeting.

Transition Services Resources: