Attendance at IEP Meetings Related to Transition

Student Invite

Students should be invited to their IEP meetings.

A student who is 14 years old or older must be invited to the IEP meeting where transition services will be discussed.
If the student chooses not to attend, efforts need to be made to relay the student's preferences to the IEP Team.

Tip: To increase the likelihood of the student attending and participating in his or her own IEP meeting, help the student prepare prior to the meeting.

For more information on student-led IEPs refer to the Youth Development section of this website.

Outside agency participation with prior consent

Two important components to agency participation:

  1. Consent of the parent or the student must be received prior to inviting a participating agency
  2. Any participating agencies should be invited to the IEP meeting

Tip: To ensure outside agency participation, give ample notice of the meeting date and time.

Tip: If the adult service agency representatives cannot attend, ask them to provide input prior to the meeting so that it can be considered by the whole team.

Interagency Collaboration

Interagency collaboration prior to the student leaving high school can help to make connections that a student could not make on his or her own. Many parents and students are nervous to leave the support of the high school behind, partially because they don't know where to get support once the student is not in high school. Also, they are leaving the world of IDEA (entitlement) and moving into a world of eligibility (ADA and Section 504 of the Rehab Act).

High schools can help the student and family make connections to adult service agencies by inviting those agencies to IEP meetings in the last two years that the student is in high school. Have the student and family get to the know the adult service representative that will be supporting them and, conversely, the adult service agency representative becomes more familiar with the student and family's support needs. By having the adult service agencies at the IEP table, a plan can be developed for a seamless transition as possible.