Additional State and National Transition Requirements

Chapter 688 Referral Process

Help students make connections.

In Massachusetts, a 688 Referral process exists whereby high school staff can submit a referral on behalf of the student and family to the appropriate human services agency. This process was developed to provide ample warning to adult service agencies of how many people may be needing their support and to, therefore. adjust monetary allocations.

688 Referral form (PDF)

Other interagency collaboration resources and best practices:
NASET Connecting Activities

Transfer of Rights at Age of Majority

Regardless of disability, a student's rights transfer to him or her upon reaching the age of majority. Age of majority in Massachusetts is 18.

Parents and students must be informed of this transfer prior to the student turning 17 years old.

Tip: Begin having this conversation with parents when the student is 14 years old and revisit annually.

Summary of Performance

Complete the SOP with the student!

A document that is given to students upon exiting high school. There are three sections:

  1. Summary of academic achievement
  2. Summary of functional performance
  3. Recommendations to meet the postsecondary goals

Any student who is aging out or graduating must receive this document during their last year of high school.

Purpose: To provide the postsecondary setting with a summary of the student's skills.

Tip: Complete the Summary of Performance with the student as a self-determination activity.

Summary of Performance Resources: