Travel and Transportation

Mobility and travel refer to movement both within and between environments. Mobility and travel within environments refers to activities that involve assisting students to move about in school, workplace, and community settings. Mobility and travel between environments refers to the work to help students learn to get from from one environment to another.

Mobility and travel are essential transition skills that must be included in educational planning and instruction. Being able to maneuver around and locate specific areas of an environment increases the likelihood that these skills can be generalized to work or college settings.

Ted, standing in front of the RIDE

Ted Wong has learned to use The Ride to get around.

As students practice transition activities, mobility challenges increase. Based on their identified transition goals, youth may want to participate in a variety of activities. These activities include but are not limited to: extracurricular activities, evening events at school or in the community, community recreation and social activities, afterschool and weekend jobs, and postsecondary education.

A lack of mobility may be caused by ambulation problems or an inability to access public places. More often, though, lack of mobility is due to having a limited number of friends who can drive, the inability to drive or get a driver's license, or living in a community without public transportation.

The Harris Poll of 2010 conducted for National Organization on Disability indicates that 30% of people with disabilities have problems with transportation. For transition specialists, this illustrates a challenge that transition aged youth are likely to encounter when they apply for jobs, enroll in college, or engage in other community based activities. Assisting students to locate and use one or more transportation option will greatly increase their ability to pursue their postsecondary goals.

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