Education and Transition Team available for customized professional development on transition

"The timeliness of your support has only been exceeded by the usefulness of the information."
—John McDonagh, Professional Development Liaison, Southeastern Regional Vocational-Technical High School

Transition flyer (PDF)

The Education and Transition Team at the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) can help you prepare youth with disabilities for adult life. The ICI is a national leader in transition-related research and practice. Our team includes educators, transition specialists, curriculum experts, researchers, universal design specialists, and vocational counselors.

Through our customized trainings, we build close relationships with school districts and their staff. Our team offers a welcoming, accessible learning environment as well as online learning opportunities. We have provided professional development and technical assistance to well over 250 school districts across the state.

Our team can help your school:

  • Enhance staff skills by updating them on the latest research and evidence-based practices related to improved student outcomes
  • Provide face-to-face or online trainings for school personnel
  • Increase family involvement in transition planning and practice
  • Conduct and train school personnel on transition assessments
  • Facilitate resource mapping and help interagency teams to identify goals and engage in braided funding strategies

Training topics include:

  • Transition assessments (including person-centered planning)
  • Youth development and self-determination
  • Career development and integrated competitive employment
  • Postsecondary education for students with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities
  • Universal Design for Learning (e.g., use of tablets/iPads with students)
  • Transition-related IEP requirements
  • Program evaluation

Why our trainings are effective:

  • Individualized, interactive, and universally designed services
  • Just-in-time resources
  • Customized problem-solving and follow-up options

We are committed to providing high-quality trainings at reasonable prices. Hiring our team is an efficient, productive way to improve the post-school outcomes of your students with disabilities.

For more information:
Email or call Maria Paiewonsky at 617-287-7697.