MA APSE Employment Matters! conference MAY 11 2016

Join us on Wednesday May 11th to learn the latest on efforts to advance employment and economic opportunities for Massachusetts citizens with disabilities.

Cost: Conference registration is only $50 for APSE members. For non-members, the cost is $75. Interested in joining APSE? You can receive a discounted 1-year individual membership to APSE and MA-APSE plus conference registration for only $125! (New members only.) Continental breakfast and lunch provided. 

ACCCOMMODATIONS – PLEASE NOTE: Indicate on your registration form if you will need a reasonable accommodation for the conference. Please request accommodations as early as possible. Accommodation requests must be received by Wednesday April 20th. If you have any questions regarding accommodations please contact David Hoff at 617-287-4308;

CRC/CONTINUING ED: CRC credits will be available as well as documentation for continuing education.




KEYNOTE SPEAKER: MRC Commissioner Adelaide "Nicky" Osborne : Nicky Osborne was appointed Commissioner of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission in March of 2015. She will share her thoughts and vision for MRC as it enhances employment opportunities for Massachusetts citizens with disabilities.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Allison Wohl, APSE Executive Director: As the parent of a young son with Down syndrome, Allison is a passionate advocate for competitive integrated employment for all citizens with disabilities. Allison was named Executive Director of APSE in January of 2015. Allison will share the latest on APSE's advocacy efforts at the national level, as well APSE's efforts to better support and assist its members and chapters to make employment in real jobs and real careers at real wages a reality for all.


  1. How Far We’ve Come, How Far We Need to Go –This discussion will take a look back at the roots of our efforts to fully include individuals with significant disabilities in all aspects of society, including employment, the progress we’ve made, and where we need to go from here. 
  2. Certified Peer Specialists Making Employment a Reality – Peer specialists will share how they are making a difference in the lives of individuals with mental health issues to find and succeed in employment. 
  3. Building Business Partnerships - A panel of employers who have successfully employed individuals with significant disabilities will discuss strategies and tips for increasing employment opportunities.   
  4. Is Work a Choice? - While it is typically presumed that adults in our society will work, work is often portrayed as a “choice” for individuals with disabilities. But should that be the case? This session will feature an open discussion and debate on this issue. 
  5. Successful Transition from School to Employment: Best Practices & New Opportunities – This session will discuss the newest developments in transition from school to employment, including the increased roles of MRC and MCB under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
  6. Community Based Day Services and Community Life Engagement  – As DDS ends funding for sheltered work, there has been a significant increase in Community Based Day Services (CBDS), supports for individuals when they aren’t working. This session will look at best practices in CBDS that support employment goals, and maximize time in the community.  
  7. Public Policy: What’s New - Learn about major policy changes at the federal level and what they mean for job seekers with disabilities and the supports and services that assist them. 
  8. Employment Success for Individuals with Autism - This session will discuss best practices in employment for individuals on the autism spectrum, and how to assist and support them to meet their career goals. 
  9. Benefits: Not a Barrier to Employment - Learn how to manage public benefits while becoming successfully employed.
  10. Employment: There's an APP for That - With the almost universal availability of smart phones and tablets, APPs and technology can be tremendous source of employment support. This session will highlight how to use today's technolgy for employment success.


If you have any questions regarding the conference or MA-APSE please contact Chapter President David Hoff at:; 617-287-4308